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Woyome songs hit town


Woyome songs hit town


Ghanaians indeed have a god sense of humour and create fun out of almost any situation, including the ongoing apparent scandal in which a top-notch government appointee, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, was paid an amount of GH¢58m as judgement debt.While political scholars and social commentators are speaking for or against the issue and cabinet ministers are resigning and receiving their sack letters, some unidentified people have recorded two very interesting songs about the issue.The two songs have lyrics and are becoming very popular as they have become the fastest ringtones on people’s phones. One was recorded with a highlife rhythm while the other was recorded with a fast paced hip-life rhythm. The hiplife version partly sounds like what has become known as ‘Azonto’. Interestingly, it has a special dance called ‘Wozonto’. The lyrics are quite simple and go like this:
Agbesi Ooooo Agbesi..(4x)
Woyome Woyome…
Woyome Woyome…
Woyome Woyome ooooooo



Source: News One
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