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Yemi Alade slams those who blame women when men cheat


Yemi Alade slams those who blame women when men cheat

igerian singer, Yemi Alade has taken to social media to share a tweet addressed to those who blame the woman when their partner cheats.

The music star wondered why people assume it is the woman’s fault when the man cheats but don’t do the same when the woman cheats.

She stated that no matter how good you are you will never be enough for some people.

“Don’t people realize that no matter how good you are, you might never be completely enough for some people, so they cheat. It’s not your fault!” she tweeted.

“But why is it so easy to assume it’s the woman’s fault when a man cheats but when a woman cheats she is a sl*t?” she wrote

Yemi Alade is the first female entertainer in Africa to have over a million subscribers on YouTube. She has shown that she is versatile, domineering and at the same time enthralling. In recent times, the singer has become vocal about her thoughts on political and social issues.

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