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Yemi Alade Slams Troll Who Said She Only Exists On TV


Yemi Alade Slams Troll Who Said She Only Exists On TV

Yemi Alade Slams Troll Who Said She Only Exists On TV

Popular Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has slammed a social media troll who claims that her songs are not as popular as other Nigerian artistes.

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It all started when the singer excitedly took to her Twitter page to announce that her new album would be in November. The Twitter user called Ayo stated that he has never heard anyone request the singer’s songs. According to him, people only remember the singer when her song comes up on TV.

The troll stated, no one has ever been heard requesting for YemiAlade’s track and that he rarely hears her latest tracks being played out loud.  Noting that he is not trying to compare YemiAlade to other singers, Ayo insisted that he has never come across someone with Yemi Alade’s songs on their phone.

Reacting to the troll, Yemi Alade urged him to focus on himselfand pray to God for his own portion of blessing because God is blessing her steadily.

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