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Is Yvonne Nelson Staging A Come Back With Her Ex- Boyfriend?


Is Yvonne Nelson Staging A Come Back With Her Ex- Boyfriend?

Lanky actress Yvonne Nelson denied and jilted Metro TV's Allo Tigo presenter Jon Germain in public. According to the actress, his relationship with Jon was purely platonic. In a layman's language, she means there are just friends.

The actress told NEWSONE something back that “I have a and it will not be fair to go behind him. Jon is just a friend. You can call him and ask him. There is nothing going on between us. I even hear he is getting married.”

But Jon said “I haven't spoken to her in a week and I don't feel like calling her and I know she does not also feel like calling me either. I am sure it is over”. And what was the end of their amorous relationship.

Interestingly, the actress has since denied any she is has be found close with as her Boyfriend. From celebs like John Dumelo to TV presenter Jon Germain via Nigerian Jym and Black Stars midfielder Derrick Boateng.

To hastily conclude that the actress is a lesbian, will be laughable. It amazes why Yvonne has always denied her relationships. Funny enough, our camera lens captured the actress with her former boyfriend “Chase” at Khareema Aguiar's birthday celebration.

Yvonne's ex “Chase”, was one of the latecomers to the party, I don't know if he wasn't given the right time but after exchanging pleasantries and kisses, he found himself a seat next to his one time lovebird.

The two were in an intimate relationship sometime back whiles in Central University. Though our source didn't say why and how their relationship ended, it came out that the actress is really happy anytime they are together and enjoys his company. To say she is just found of him will be an understatement.

The nature of their welcoming kisses raised eyebrows. This made one of the senior citizens ask weather it's true that they kiss real when shooting a movie. Though some of the actors answered “No”, the Yvonne and her ex sent across seems to have been noticed by the audience.

“Innocent Chase” real name Fianko Bossman looks happy and comfortable around her, so let's wait and see how the story unfolds in the days ahead. Is Yvonne Nelson staging a comeback with her ex?

Those of you who do not know Chase, he is an upcoming singer. He is a talented songwriter who wrote hits such as ‘Leave Me Alone' by Mimi and ‘When I Get You' by Richie.

Source: Gossip /Ghanacelebrities

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