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Yvonne Nelson…. Where Are The Rumour Mongers?


Yvonne Nelson…. Where Are The Rumour Mongers?

Actress Yvonne Nelson has notified the public that the rumour mongers who went to town with claims that she was selling fake Louis Vuitton (LV) bags in her YN Closet have ran away from their claims.

According to the leggy actress, they could not validate their claims after she opened her shop to them. She opened her doors to them, asking those involved in particular to come and check her shop if indeed there were LV bags on sale in her shop but none them showed up. “I thought they would come to the shop and verify, as serious as they claimed they were, when they spewed those lies about me.

If they may have read my response to that fake story, then they are okay with it. But the next honourable thing to do is to apologize. I am sure people 't start calling them fake websites too, if they do that. “I believe there are ethics of the profession or career that they are pursuing and they must do as such,” Yvonne told News-One when she was asked about new developments on LV brouhaha.

week ago, the actress came out publicly to clear the air on reports that she uses and sells fake LV products.

She said she had not been selling LV bags in her shop but used them and they were not fake.

Nelson maintained that the report was a calculated attempt to destroy her business. “Like I told earlier on, I believe the persons behind these stories have other motives and the way they repeated it made me suspect they wanted to give my fashion shop a bad reputation just to collapse my business reasons best known to them. “I thought responding in the media is ok but opening my shop for them is also a best option. With that, all of us will be satisfied, I guess, so if they are cool now and they didn't show up, the best thing is to tell LV the turn of events, because they claimed they were reporting me to LV.

They should humbly apologize to everybody, not me; I mean the general public that they got their facts way way wrong. They lied to the public,” she stated.

Yvonne left Accra last week for Takoradi, where she was shooting her latest movie. She also wrapped the shooting of another movie in Accra that same week. She will be returning this week.

Last year, News-One reported that she was the hottest Ghanaian actress in Nollywood. But the paper could not say same about her in Ghana as there were earlier rumours about her rejecting scripts.

However, this year promises to be good as the ‘Princess Tyra' actress is currently busy on Ghanaian sets. She is also expected to storm Nollywood in some weeks where she still has some scripts to shoot there.

Source: News one
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