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Yvonne Okoro, Gifty Anti, KOD & Other Celebs Talk About Valentine


Yvonne Okoro, Gifty Anti, KOD & Other Celebs Talk About Valentine

Valentine's day, February 14 is just around the corner thus love is in the air. Yes, it's that time of year again with lovey-dovey images of hearts, greeting cards, flowers, candy, chocolate, romantic evenings and cupid.

The much awaited time where people receive thoughtful designs of love from that special someone to celebrate their love. However, while some feel Valentine's day is anything but a celebration of love, others have had rollicking times on Val's day and reminisce about them.

Here, our celebs share some of their memorable Val's day how they intend to celebrate the day of love this year.

My best Valentine was with my boyfriend in 2001. It was really exciting meeting my first love on Val's day. He took me out to places – we went shopping, to see a movie and had dinner that night. I don't think I have had a better Val's day since then. I will be spending this year's Val's day with my mum since she is the only one in my life left in Ghana. I will take her out, buy her presents and make sure she really enjoys the day.

I don't need February 14 to express love to my loved one because I see it as any ordinary day. Valentine is a day people express love but I do it almost every day so I don't see Val's as any special day.
However, I have decided to cook for my and daughter on Val's day and I am not expecting gifts from anybody.

Abdul Salam:
Seriously, I have no idea what Valentine is all about let alone celebrate it. But it will be a nice experience for the first time if someone takes me out on that day if i happen to be less busy.

My most memorable Valentine's day was in 2001. I was then a student at Apam and I can never forget that day. In order to impress a girl, I used my school fees to wine as well as other expensive gifts for her. After accepting the gifts, she told me point blank that I wasn't of her class. She turned down my proposal. Despite several attempts to win her heart, she still bounced me big time. I eventually had to find means of getting money to pay my fees in order to avoid being sent home. I had to actually sell a few things to raise the money for my school fees.

Lydia Forson:
My best Val's day is actually my first and the last. I was about 10 years ago in secondary school when a guy bought me a T-shirt and asked that I be his Valentine. I admire my friends celebrate it almost every year. I feel bad no one has given me a present or offered to take me out all this while. This year if anyone is willing to take me out or give me a present, I would be grateful for that. I don't have any plans to celebrate it but I hope as the day approaches, something crops up.

Yvonne Okoro:
I am single but I really wish I had someone to show me love this Val's day. However, my best Val's day was in 2001 when I was a student at Mfantsiman Seconday School. I had lots of gifts from people. I was happy because one was teased and laughed at if one did not receive any gifts on Val's day. I would say I was the happiest person that day. Apart from that Val's day in school, I can't remember celebrating the day again.

Gifty Osei:
I don't joke at all with Val's day. I make sure I chill till the day is over. In fact, I can't really describe any as the best because they have all been fantastic. I started celebrating Val's day when I got in 2007. My husband and I have a special way of celebrating it. We cook together, buy each other presents and we visit places of interest on the day. I always have fun.
I will be showing love this year by performing at the Happy FM Mass event and I will be grateful if I receive chocolates from .

Prince David Osei:
Ever since I started celebrating Val's day, my best ever was last year. I had the opportunity to meet all my family members in Nigeria when my older brother got married. I hadn't seen most of my family members together in a very long while so I was so glad to celebrate the day with them. It was so cool. I have plans to celebrate this year's in a mega style but I have a lot of movies to shoot so I guess I would be busy on set.

Gifty Anti:
I can never forget Val's day in 2007. It is my best Valentine ever. On that day, a friend at Peace FM took me out and I really had a good time. Afterwards, he insisted on dropping me off at home even though I told him I could get home by myself. When I opened the door to my home, I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. About 20 of my friends were in there. I have no idea how they got in. they had decorated my entire room so beautifully. In fact, I was speechless. My friend actually put the surprise together to lift my spirits up after losing both parents the previous year. That day was the happiest day of my life. I am expecting this year's to be a great. You see, it coincides with my 15th anniversary on TV. I am really expecting my partner to surprise me.

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