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Fred Nuamah Thrown Out Of ‘His Home’


Fred Nuamah Thrown Out Of ‘His Home’

A popular and ace movie producer has been thrown out of his residence at Community 19, Lashibi, by his land lady whom he has been playing hide and seek with for some time now. Fred Nuamah, who according to information has refused to move out of the house though his term of occupancy had elapsed a year ago, did not want to pay his land lady, a situation which necessitated his ejection.

Fred was ejected on Friday at about 6:30am while he looked on helplessly and in total shock. His mattress, chairs, tables, drinking glasses and other belongings were thrown outside by personnel from the Osu District Court, including a police officer.

Information gathered by Daily Guide indicates that the landlady had futilely chased him for a whole year. Fred had managed to avoid her by parking his unregistered vehicle in front of his next door neigbour’s house to avoid being noticed. Fred’s house was also alleged to have been always under lock and key, even if he was at home, thus creating the impression he was not at home. His house was said to have housed several celebrities including Tonto Dike, John Dumelo, Kwesi Pee, who was virtually living with him in the house and popular TV host Naa Dede, who happens to be the one who helped him move his belongings into the house.

Fred, according to the source, went through a similar situation at Community 3 before moving to Community 19. According to information gathered by the Daily Guide, Fred rented the place for three years in 2008. The source said the landlady called him to inform him that his three-year rent agreement would be due in three months and told him to prepare to hand over the keys. Fred was said to have pleaded for an extra two years.

The source noted that he was initially asked to pay GH¢300 but he pleaded it was too much and was later allowed to stay based on an agreed amount between him and the landlady. When it was time for payment however, the producer deposited only six months rent into the landlady’s account, instead of the two years which was agreed on.

The landlady was said to have gone in search of him severally but never met him and was usually told he had travelled. Calls to reach him also proved futile as Fred never answered her calls. When the landlady finally met him at home, with a letter demanding that he moved out of the house, Fred allegedly threw the letter in her face. According to the source, after several attempts to get him out of the house failed, the landlady took the matter to court and letter was issued to Fred to vacate the house by January 13, 2012. Fred was said to have told the landlady that he would come to court with his lawyer to defend the case, but never showed up. When the landlady called Fred on the said date to inform him that she was coming for her keys, he told her that he was asleep and would call her later in the day but failed to do so.

Last Friday morning, however, the landlady went to the house around 5:30am and realized that the producer’s car was parked in front of his neigbours house.

The source indicated that court officials, including an officer, arrived at the house at about 6:00am to evict him. Fred was called by one of the court officials but he answered by saying that he was out of town and when asked why his light and airconditioners were on, he told the official he normally left them on when he travelled. The officials, including the landlady, however stood at the gate and kept knocking till Fred finally opened it. According to the source, the producer was so embarrassed that he could not watch as his belongings were being thrown out of the house and so he left. His belongings were put in a neighbours compound while a truck was later organized to finally carry all his belongings at about 1:40am the same day to an unknown destination.

Source: Dorcas Larbi, Lashibi
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