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Ghana Actors Guild Office Closed


Ghana Actors Guild Office Closed

Many are questions that are being asked as to why the Actor’s Guild of Ghana is not responding to the rivalry between Ghana and Nigeria.

Making it more shocking is the fact that the Film producers association of Ghana have rather taken the issue as their “world cup” playing it boot for boot.

In an attempt to get answers to this and many more questions affecting the industry, Flex newspaper reporters made it their task to visit the office of the actors guild to unravel latest development. After trying unsuccessfully to get access to the offices, some executive members of the guild were reached on phone for verification on the activities of the Guild though they all preferred speaking on unanimous instances .

One of the executives noted in a phone interview that, it is just painful the way the guild is being run. “What I heard was that the president is seriously sick so I asked that if the president is sick, does it mean the actors guild of Ghana cannot function in his absence“ he asked this writer.

Just as we wanted to sympathize with the guild`s president over his sickness, we contacted Mr. Samuel Odoi Mensah on phone. In an interaction, he told Flex newspaper that the Actors Guild of Ghana is not accountable to any media house in Ghana, so whether the office is closed down or not is not an issue he will discus with any media house.

When he was asked whether he is sick in the hospital as people are claiming, he replied that his sickness does not concern anybody since he considers that to be his private affair. Mr. Odoi Mensah was of the view that we don’t expect him to be going round telling people he is sick because no individual is ready to pay for his hospital bills, neither will they make him better again in their power.

Ken Fiati, the secretary of the guild who also added his voice to the discussion on phone told Flex newspaper that he would like to answer all the questions on our minds but he was on location shooting a movie at the time. He promised to consult the president on the issues at hand after the shooting.

As it stands now, the office of the actors guild has been closed with continuous questions from pundits as to whether it is ripe for the office to be closed down in this situation. Not long ago, the guild released its first edition of a news letter with the assurance that it will be released every month to up date members on the activities of the guild.

Even there were issues with the release and the structure of the news letter as some industrial players opined that it had more than necessary information about the president and his activities. Flex newspaper will be bringing more on issues from the camp of the Ghana Actors Guild Association. Read On.

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