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Journalist, Kiki Mordi Accused Of Winning An International Award With A Stolen Story


Journalist, Kiki Mordi Accused Of Winning An International Award With A Stolen Story

Nigerian Journalist, Kiki Mordi has been accused of stealing someone else's story, “Sex For Grades” and winning an international award with it.

Recall, Kiki was awarded by the , ICFJ, as winner of the 2020 Michael Elliot Award for African storytelling.

Kiki who a co-founder of Feminist_Co was rewarded for uncovering sexual harassment going on in Nigerian universities with a documentary she produced from an allegedly stolen “Sex For Grades” story.

However, a fellow Journalist, Ruona, with the Twitter handle @RGAMeyer, alleged that the original “Sex For Grades” story was written by someone she called “O.O”.

Rohuna then asked Kiki to acknowledge the original story teller and share whatever prize money made from the award with the said “O.O” story is her intellectual property.

Reacting to this allegation, Kiki stated Ruona is only pained that she keeps winning awards while she remains at the losing end. She maintained that the “Sex For Grades” story is hers and anyone who needs more answers should channel their question to BBC.

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