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Tic Tac Out With Controversial Single


Tic Tac Out With Controversial Single

After signing rapper Jeho on the TN Record Label, the Most Wanted, Tic Tac has released a controversial new single entitled ‘Different Shoes’.

The rap superstar who has been busy in the studio with Jeho putting final touches to Jeho’s songs took some time off to give his fans something new.

The song, an euphemistic song that is aligned to a popular Ghanaian adage ‘Show Me Your Friend and I’ll tell you your character’ features Lynx Entertainment’s hit maker, Asem and has sparked debates in Ghana.

In the song, Tic Tac wittily suggests, that a person’s shoe can suggest his or her character/ profession.

For example, corporate people and service men would at most times be spotted wearing polished shoes whiles alcoholics would normally wear tattered shoes or sandals.

Fashionable people would also, normally, wear designer shoes to match their belts to complement their swag to convince ladies.

‘The response is tremendous, although it is unreleased, it has started promoting it on radio and yet’, says Tic Tac who performed the song on TV Africa Sound splash recently.

Video to ‘Different Shoes’ will be released early 2011.

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