I Smoke ‘Weed’ Than Anybody In Ghana – Musician

Even though smoking of marijuana or weed-smoking is illegal in Ghana’s statutes, popular musician King Ayisoba has declared that he smokes weed than anybody in Ghana.

In an interview on Hitz FM, the “I want to see you my father singer” boldly stated that smoking gives him the ideas to create the music which many Ghanaians have fallen in love with. “When I smoke weed, I sit down get ideas. I am able to do my music and see what is coming to happen which helps in my music. I smoke to create and do something better”, he said.

According to him, he has been a weed smoker since he was 11-years-old and has been smoking for over 25 years.

King Ayisoba who is currently recording his latest album to be released in 2013 described many musicians in Ghana as hypocrites saying most of them are addicted to marijuana but pretend in public as if they have never smoked weed before.

“A lot of musicians in Ghana smoke weed but they are afraid to talk about it. But as for me I take care of myself, nobody buys food for me so I don’t care talking about it. I smoke weed at least once a day and nobody in Ghana can smoke like I do.

The father of five with three wives said people who disregard weed smokers do not know how valuable weed is hence their condemnation of weed smokers. “It gives me ideas, I don’t smoke weed to do bad” King Ayisoba said.

Source: Hitz FM