Okra Tom Dawidi Bounces Back With a Bang

248696866_840655After four years of lyrical hibernation, Ghanaian lyricist Okra Tom Dawidi has bounced back with a hit apology song.

In his new single titled ‘Winner for Life’, the rapper Okra Tom Dawidi renders apologies to his fans all over the world for the inconsistencies that occurred in his music career.

“I have been absent for some time but now I am here to stay. Sorry for the delay but I have things to say. Anyway to my loyal fans I have a price to pay,” Okra Tom lamented in his track.

Okra who is currently in the studio working on his new album told BEATWAVES that he was missing in action mainly because he had to concentrate on schooling and tackle some other financial problems pertaining to his music.

“I was MIA for all these years because I had to take care of certain important things in my life like preparing for my Diploma in Business Studies (DBS) exams and trying to put things in place. I also had to work out some financial problems related to my music career,” the versatile and thought provoking lyricist stated.

Okra who is known in real life as Emmanuel Ralph kotei Nikoi hinted to the paper that since ‘Azonto’ is the new trend in Ghanaian music, he has a massive Azonto track installed for all his funs.

“I have been working in the studio on so many songs and trust me, my fans will get a feel of the Azonto flavour from me as well,” Okra said.

Okra is best remembered for his brilliant wordplay, fiery flow and a nasally, aggressive voice in his ‘Ayeeko’ track which featured Tinny and Obrafour in the Execution Diary compilation.