TB Joshua: I Would Have Averted Mills Death If…..

Founder and General Overseer of the Synagogue Church, Prophet T.B. Joshua says in an unusual manner, God did not reveal the death of Ghana’s President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, which occurred on Tuesday in Accra.

The renowned cleric in a mournful mood affirmed he would have intensified prayers to avert the sudden departure of the late President if he had received any revelation from God.

“The Ghanaian President was like a spiritual son to me so I could pray to God to avert the death, if I had received any revelation from him,” Prophet T.B. reportedly told reporters in Legos, Nigeria when commenting on the death of President Mills.

On that score, he revealed President Mills and other senior government officials had visited his temple thrice this year to receive special prayers, but God never revealed his death to him in all the three instances.

“Of course, I knew he had been ill for some time now and he had come for special prayers concerning his health thrice this year, and I and my other ministers had prayed fervently for him. I was so hopeful he would recover his health completely, but it is sad and only God knows best why he should die now,” he asserted.

Against that backdrop, Prophet TB Joshua expressed profound shock over the death of Prof. Mills and urged Ghanaians to remain calm in this torrid period.

T.B. Joshua added: “Mills was a very committed person in the things of God and also very dedicated. Each time he was in church, you could see the fervor and hunger and thirst for God written all over his countenance. He was a very dear son to me and I was his spiritual godfather.

“I know many persons will be saying how come my fervent prayers did not save his life. All I can answer such persons is, why God allowed Stephen in the New Testament Bible to be stoned to death. Why did God not save the life of Stephen, an innocent man, as he was being stoned, dying?

The answer is simply this: sometimes God allows things to happen for unknown reasons, and indeed reasons no man can explain, that is why God is Almighty Sovereign God; who indeed can question Him, who can challenge God?

“When we humanity eventually see God in the glorious city of Heaven, then, can we have answers to all our questions. For now, he can only get a 99 percent answer but never a 100 per cent answer”. **

Source: nairaland.com



  • Emmanuel. We were shocked to discover an article currently circulating around the internet in which a media house claimed to interview Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning the death of our late President of Ghana.

    In response to this false interview, this is an official communication from The SCOAN & Prophet T.B. Joshua:

    “The interview in LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER of Thursday 26/7/2012 titled “I Did Not Foresee Atta Mills’ Death – T.B. Joshua” does not represent me, T.B. Joshua, because I was not around and I never spoke with anyone.

    “People say all sorts of things against me but God says “Touch not my anointed and do him no harm”. Why should anybody write this -as if you will not die one day?

    “Remove this interview! The interview was not from me. Your staff never spoke with me. I was not around. Once again, Leadership Newspaper Editorial Staff should please remove this interview for God’s sake!

    “Don’t fight a prophet; don’t fight God!

    “Once again, readers, this is the first time I am talking to the public after the demise of our late president.

    “I will talk as God instructs me on Sunday Live service on Emmanuel TV.

    “Don’t let anyone or organisation in any medium deceive you.

    “I have not granted any interview and I will not because God has not permitted me until Sunday Service.

    “I will not grant any interview until Sunday Live Broadcast.

    “Those that may have copied the false story from LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER should remove it from their sites because this does not represent me. It is not from me.”