‘Check Yourself’ Debuts On Viasat1

Viasat 1, your number 1 entertainer, have added to our bouquet of local productions a new, mind blowing, well-crafted series with twists and turns hitting on moral and social issues in our society.

The hilarious series stars great icons such as Kojo Dadson, Kwame Dzokoto, Paulina Oduro, Joseph Pamfo, William Addo, Don Ziggy and many others.

It is carved around the Dadzie family, made up of Uncle Ato (played by Kojo Dadson) who is a mechanic, his wife Auntie Esi, and their son Bibio, a school drop out. Uncle Ato is a chronic womanizer who lavishes money on his numerous girlfriends, but refuses to perform his responsibilities as head of the family. He is swayed by societal perception that a mechanic work is meant for the poor.

Uncle Ato’s brilliant son, Bibio, is the senior apprentice in his father’s workshop, but he is not comfortable with the mechanic work. Although he wants to further his education, his father doesn’t recognise the value of education.

The immoral and irresponsible lifestyle of Uncle Ato is affecting his wife, and in an effort to save her marriage, Auntie Esi always fights Uncle Ato’s girlfriends. When she can’t stand it anymore, she calls for a divorce.

Will Pastor Oduro go ahead to dissolve the marriage? And what happens when Auntie Esi asks Uncle Ato to go for an STD test? What about Bibio, who is gradually getting exposed to his father’s lifestyle? What happens to his future and his keen desire to become the District Chief Executive of his village “Anomabo?”

Other characters in the series are Sexy Pee, Adobea, Kweku Nicholas, Yaa Babe, and Osofo Mukyende.

This is another step in Viasat1’s quest to serve our cherished viewers more locally-produced programmes with which they can identify themselves. Catch ‘Check Yourself’ every Monday at 8pm on Viasat1.

Source: Peacefmonline.com