Steve Bedi In A ‘Fatal Kiss’ With Ex- wife

There has been a lot of buzz about Steve Bedi one of Ghana’s finest saxophonist and Esther Jackson, his ex-wife kissing in public.

Grapevine reports indicate that the saxophonist and his ex-wife are back together. The ex-couple got married in 2003 and broke up in 2007 and since then the two had lived in separate worlds; Esther in London while Steve lived in Ghana.

In an exclusive interview with Esther Jackson to confirm the rumours, she told “New Fylla” that the hullaballoo about her ex- husband and her getting back together is about a movie produced by Rainhas and Gazza Haus, a private multimedia company headed by Mr. Kwame Afriyie, the Executive producer of the movie “Fatal Kiss”….. a true life story of a woman living in Ghana.

After all, this will be the first film after their break up. Post their break-up, Steve and Esther have appeared together on a movie shoot and recent reports seem to suggest that the two kissed when they found themselves on set.

Esther said “Steve and I are matured enough to know what is good or bad. Being ex-lovers doesn’t make us enemies. Playing a major role in a movie shows how matured we are’’.

According to Esther Jackson, Fatal Kiss is a movie in which they kissed each other on set without any special feeling or strings attached. Esther concluded “it was just make believe”.

Fatal Kiss” – ‘What happens when a stranger gives a married woman the Kiss she is yearning for’?

It is said that Dromo Apenteng, the Director of the movie made the duo overshoot the same scene, which made the actors irritated at the end because they felt very uncomfortable.

Well, we certainly know Steve Bedi is a class musician and a born actor while Esther is a creative writer and an actress. So, which of the scenes made the duo so imperfect and uncomfortable? Was it any steamy or intimate scene? But, even if the actors had to shoot a steamy scene for “Fatal Kiss”, we wouldn’t be surprised if they are hesitant to do so!

Both of them have said that they have no issues working with each other again. So while the relationship might have broken hearts, their professional equation remains the same.

Fatal Kiss” will be premiered on Saturday 20th October 2012, 6pm at the Mensvic Grand Hotel along with a Jazz concert by Steve Bedi.

Source: New Fylla News paper/Ghana