Trailer: ‘Flower Girl’ starring Chris Attoh and Damilola Premieres In Ghana, April 5

634552514_866882After a sold out Valentine’s Day premiere at the Silverbird Galleria in Nigeria, the romantic comedy, ‘Flower Girl’ starring Chris Attoh, Damilola Adegbite, Blossom Chukwujekwu and others will premiere in Ghana at the Silver bird Cinemas, on April 5.

The cast and crew are expected to make their way to Accra for star-studded premiere. ‘Flower Girl’ is a movie produced by Michelle Bello and Michelle Dede. The amazing script is written by Paul ‘Jiggy’ Bello, and tells the story of Kemi and Umar’s struggle with love.

Kemi works in her parent’s flower shop and she dreams of becoming one of the happy married couples she sees every day. Her long time lawyer boyfriend Umar has promised to marry her when he gets a promotion but she is growing impatient. Still living with her embarrassing parents, she spends her nights in her room, planning the wedding she hopes someday to have.

Then comes the day that she has been waiting for, Umar has got the promotion! However, when she arrives expecting a big proposal, he breaks up with her. Devastated she goes on a delivery and unable to see where she is going through grief, she is hit by a car. The driver turns out to be Tunde Kulani the famous Nollywood movie star.

While Tunde tends to her wounds, she breaks down and confesses her dilemma. Tunde offers to help get Umar to propose. They device a plan. They will pretend to be a couple to make Umar jealous and get him back proposing on his knees.

She follows Tunde’s instructions as best as she can but has a lot to learn. He decides to change her appearance if she is going to be seen with him. Sneaking out to avoid paparazzi they tackle her clothes, her hair, etiquette and then he teaches her to dance. At the end of a long day he drops her off at home and her parents make him join them for dinner. Kemi is uncomfortable as they comment on how much better Tunde is than Bola.

Tunde invites Kemi to a club party hosted by Mrs Ada the queen of the tabloid industry. They make they’re big entrance at the club and are the talk of the party. Tunde’s ex girlfriend Sapphire becomes suspicious. Mrs Ada gives Kemi the third degree. Kemi passes and Mrs Ada promises to feature the hot new couple in the next issue. Sapphire is not convinced.

Back home Kemi is caught by her best friend Stella and she confesses everything to her but swears her to secrecy. The next day, they plant magazines with Tunde and Kemi on the front cover and when Umar reads it he is more than a little surprised.

Tunde offers an elaborate party at his house where he will pretend to fight with Kemi and Umar will step in to win her back. Umar is waiting at her place when she gets back. He apologizes. She in turn invites him to the party. Kemi goes to tell Tunde the good news but finds him with Sapphire who has just been rejected but pretends something did happen. Tunde sees Kemi and tries to explain but Kemi isn’t listening. Sapphire secretly overhears the fight and discovers they are not a real couple. Kemi returns home jealous and confused.

Kemi takes him to a flower garden on the rooftop of a tall skyscraper. They have a romantic moment as the sunsets over the city. On the way home, Tunde tries to talk her out of being with Umar but she gets so agitated he drops the conversation. They go over the plan.

At the party, Kemi dazzles Umar with all that she has learned. Everything is going according to plan. Then she finds out Tunde gave into his father’s demands and is moving to America in a month to star in a Hollywood movie. She confronts Tunde and he doesn’t deny it but argues with her until Umar steps in. The men start to fight and it becomes an epic battle, which ultimately Umar wins. Unsure whether the fight was real Kemi leaves with Umar. The plan worked but not exactly. Sapphire finds Tunde while he is tending to his wounds. She threatens to out their fake relationship and ruin Kemi’s chance of getting married if he doesn’t take her with him to America. Tunde reluctantly agrees.

In their favourite restaurant over dinner, Umar proposes to Kemi and she accepts. The wedding preparations begin but Kemi’s heart is not in it. Everything is perfect but she is not happy. The day of the wedding comes and she decides not to marry Umar. She tells him and he gets so angry he confesses for only marrying her for his career. Kemi gets her parent’s blessings and rushes to the airport to stop Tunde from going to America.

Kemi catches Tunde at the airport and they confess their love for each other. Tunde tears up Sapphire’s plane ticket and tells his father he can’t go. His father decides to go to America by himself and try to fix the situation. Six months later Tunde is filming a Hollywood film but in Lagos. He takes her to a secret garden that he has prepared and gives her the proposal she has always wanted.

What happens thereof, will only be revealed at the Silverbird cinemas from April 5.

Watch trailer below: