Amakye Dede Serves Lunch At Abrantie Spot

As part of measures to provide a wider range of hospitality services to meet the needs of its customers, the management of Abrantie Spot has added a new food joint, Lunch Time, to its existing bar and roof top pub.

Abrantie Spot, since its establishment, has attracted a large number of patrons with its assorted drinks and sophisticated atmosphere, not forgetting its friendly and committed staff who are always eager to see to customers’ needs.

The opening of Lunch Time comes as a carefully thought-out response to rising demands of patron who want a good place where they can go and have lunch with their loved ones.

Lunch Time’s goal is to ensure that at the end of the day, customers go back home relaxed and refreshed.

Lunch Time serves Ghanaian dishes like banku, omo tuo and fufu with a variety of soup with all kinds of bush meat including grass cutters, among others.

In a chat, Abrantie Amakye Dede told BEATWAVES, “We are passionate about producing good and quality Ghanaian dishes. We firmly believe that by using traditional cooking methods and the finest ingredients from local producers, we create unique, eye catching and wholesome home cooked foods that taste as good as they look”.

When asked the secret to their mouth-watering soups, the response was simple; “we take our time. Most people will just fry the meats, but we let it steam properly and the flavour comes out”.

The atmosphere at Abrantie Spot, where the Lunch Time food joint is located, brings to mind the comforts and familiarity of home. This is certainly the place to go if you don’t mind drinking soup straight from the bowl, or unceremoniously ripping through some bush meat.

The bar at the Abrantie Spot is also stocked with an assortment of drinks and cocktails as well as wines and other alcoholic beverages which are served via compliments of the joint.