Barima Sidney- I have look other women lustfully

Barima Sidney opens up about his personal life.

The singer, real name Sidney Ofori admits to Radio Univers that he’s cheated on his wife multiple times during their 15 year marriage.

Barima Sidney about cheating on wife and looking at women lustfully

“I’ve cheated on my wife several times and I’m even tired. There is no way I will come on your platform and lie to you and your listeners. I’m human so I’ve cheated on my wife on several occasions but that is in the past.” 

Moreover, he added that every man in the world is a cheat. Therefore, he’s hardly unique in that aspect.

“It is biblical so I’m not the one making this statement. The Bible says if you look at a woman lustfully, you have already committed an adultery and you cannot tell me no man has never looked a woman lustfully.”