BIG BROTHER STARGAME: Keitta Says He Has $87,000 Sitting In Ghana

Ghanaian housemate in the big brother house-Keita, yesterday went on and on to his fellow housemates about having 87,000.00 dollars in his account back in Ghana and that he is a big boy back home.

Keita, who seems to always be on a ‘talking spree’ mentioned this in a conversation with his fellow housemates.

Is the Ghanaian housemate killing his good chances with too much talk? Why would viewers want to vote a boy with money in the bank when there are poor people in the house contesting for the final cash?

The other housemates were taken aback as they talked about how poor they were.Jannette (Uganda) said she had only 5 dollars in the bank because she needed to keep the account from closing!

Keagan (South Africa) said he is overdrawn and Talia (Zambia) said she has to borrow money because she has none.

Housemates like Goldie(Nigeria) and Lady May(Namibia) who are big celebrities back home and rumored to be very rich did not mention their accounts at all.

After hearing all the other housemates talk about how broke they were,Keitta tried retracting his statement by saying he might have much less than that now because he hasn’t really kept track and isn’t sure exactly how much he has.

Is our Ghanaian rep too rich for the game? Or is his big mouth worrying him?