Watch video – Lord Paper – Awurama : Controversial Ghanaian music video breaks the Internet


‘Awurama’ by Lord paper

A highly obscene music video which was released recently has caused a lot of stir and controversy on social media and has broken the internet. The music video dubbed ‘Awurama’ was performed by upcoming artiste Michael Takyi Frimpong popularly known as Lord paper and a 19 year old model known as Nana Yaa Jamaica. The video depicts vivid, obscene graphic images of the two ‘making out’ in a hot romantic scene.

The artiste and the lady in the video have both come out to say the music video is not real and is only acting. Lord Paper has debunked rumours that the ‘intimate act’ was real saying that the only real act in the video was the kissing.  This was what the lady on the other hand had to say;

It’s just a music video nothing more. just pure acting and if people can’t handle it that’s their problem,. I’m done.

‘all those stories are false but the good thing is am not bothered. I’m still me nothing can break me”

Google however has removed the video from its page due to complaints from the viewers. Ghanashowbiz unfortunately cannot show this video due to the obscene and graphic images it contains. We will however keep you posted on any developments as far as this issue is concerned.

LORD PAPER – AWURAMA from Money Matters on Vimeo.


Nana Yaa Jamaica

By: Samuel Nyarko