Cultural differences contributed to my Marriage Failure- Kwaw kese

imagesFew months ago, Ghanaian musician-Kwaw Kese announced via social media site-Twitter that he was a FREE MAN after about 6 years of marriage to his American wife, who used to work for the America Embassy in Ghana.

Without citing any reason, the rumours started—with many saying, he has dumped his wife because he has obtained his US citizenship or whatever, and as such, he has no use for the white woman.

Yesterday, Kwaw Kese told Bola Ray on Starr Fm’s Drive Time that, the huge culture differences between himself and his American ex-wife contributed greatly to their marriage not working.

He said; “Bola you know I’m a black man and I tasted a different culture and I fell like it is not my thing.”

He added “To me I think is the culture because there are some things we do here in Ghana they don’t do in America so I think the cultural difference also counted.”

The important question is; did Kwaw Kese not know about the cultural gap or differences before jumping into the marriage?

And what are the other reasons? Anyway, those Ghanaian women looking for a mad man insane, Kwaw is fully back on the market and you can try your luck.