How The House Help Ruined My Relationship

klcmzcdchafar56333c1472397How The house help Ruined My Relationship
So I met Frank whiles in school  and we liked each other so much. We were not dating  on campus but we were very close. Due to our positions  in the campus fellowship  we strained ourselves  from dating.
On our graduation we had our party together  with both   our families. As I watched frank ‘s family mingle with mine I felt a little conviction  in my heart that we will be great together. Our national service was over in some months and we both came back to Accra to settle.
Frank started working  in Ecobank  and I was working  for the communication  department  of Nestlé Ghana. He finally  proposed and we started dating. His parents  had traveled to the states so he was living  with just their house help  who took care of the house. Frank was an only child so he had to stay in the house for his parents  until they decide  to come back.
We spent most evening together at church or eating  at my apartment  in Tema. I was living  alone cos my parents  were resident in Kumasi. We attended church together  and everyone knew we  were dating. We talked about everything  and sometimes  fought about  some decisions  we made I fell more in love with Frank as he was maturing into a responsible  man.
One Saturday  I decided to visit Frank at home and give him a surprise. I called and confirmed of he was at home without  letting  him know  I was on my way.
I put on something  really nice and I had just finished braiding my hair some hours. Frank loved it  when I braid my hair and he kept  asking  me to braid because he thought  I looked more pretty  with them.
I knocked on the gate and the house help came to answer the door; I asked to see frank and she answered  that he wasn’t  around and then closed the gate again. I called Frank and he wasn’t  picking  the calls and eventually  the phone went  off. I didn’t  know what to do as I stood the emotionless and wondering  what to do next. I knocked the door again and told the house help that I wanted to quit for Frank and she just replied know and she had strict orders not to allow strangers into the house.
I felt so sad as I turned around and went back feeling so sad but I kept dialing  his number and it was still off. My legs felt so heavy and I didn’t  know how to accept such dissapointment.
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Monica  Otumfuor