“I slapped Rawlings’ daughter”, Wanluv reveals

imagesEccentric afro-pop singer, Wanluv da Kubolor, has revealed he slapped former President Jerry Rawlings’ daughter, Yaa Asantewaa, while they were pupils at North Ridge Lyceum in Accra.

The 34-year-old barefoot-walking Romanian-Ghanaian, whose real name is Emmanuel Owusu Bonsu, told Infoboxtv in an exclusive interview that the ‘cool slap’ he dealt Asantewaa at the time landed him in trouble.

“In class four I got in trouble, and I think they moved me to Christ The King because I slapped Yaa Asantewa, Jerry John Rawlings’ daughter,” he confessed.

Rawlings led Ghana for almost two decades – briefly in 1979 and later from 1981 to 2000. The first eleven of those years was as a Military Ruler.

The last eight was as a democratically elected civilian president. He was still the head of state at the time young Kubolor slapped his daughter.

Kubolor recounts how it happened:

“We were playing ludo, and she was hanging Christmas decorations and said she wants us to move our ludo game because she wanted to climb on our table, and I told her to wait and she didn’t want to wait so she kicked the game.

So I pulled her legs; she sat on a table; I gave her a cool slap, and I started crying to pretend she was the one who hurt me.

“So they moved me to Christ The King because Christ The King likes students who have been sacked,” he narrated.