I Wont Do Some Brand Endorsements Because Of My Fans

imagesFunny face has said that he won’t do any commercials on condoms because of his fans. He stated categorically that his fans are mostly children so he can’t do any commercials because of the. He believes that if will affect them so he would stay away from that. When asked if he would do any commercials on alcoholic beverages he explained that he would only do it if it had 1% alcohol or 0.5%. He also said he is serving the interest of his fan base so would stick to the current trend of commercials he does.
When he meet his fans they call him and start mentioning some his words he uses in his commercials so it will be quite ridiculous for them to be mentioning condoms at their tender ages. This is a decision he took on his own not by any law or higher body. Funny face fans are children and he annually organizes the funny face fun festival which is attended by a large number of children.


Monica Otumfuor

Culled from Ampluzz