‘Leave Wanlov Alone’- Panji Tell Critics

While large sections of the public continue to lash at hiplife artiste, Wanlov the Kubolor for showing his manhood on television, his manager, Panji Anoff says he sees nothing wrong with what his artiste did.

Panji, who is a recording engineer and the CEO of the pidgin Music entertainment production company, has been working with Wanlov over the last five years. He told Showbiz in an interview that he could not understand the fuss being created over Wanlov’s action.

“There are naked men roaming our cities and you see nakedness on our beaches and even in our movies so what is the beef of the public over Wanlov showing his manhood.” He contended that Wanlov’s action on television should stand him out as an artiste who always tells the truth.

“It’s not any artiste that can do what Wanlov did. He was being pestered by Delay, the programme’s hostess, to prove that he wore panties. What else could Wanlov have done than to show his manhood to her as a proof that he wasn’t wearing anything beneath his skirt?”

According to Panji, the onus lay on Delay not to have kept the recorded version on YouTube after editing it for TV3. Though what was shown on TV3 edited, the fact that people are blaming my artiste for showing his manhood on national television is what I dislike.”

Panji said the interview took place at the Aphrodisiac Night Club and not at TV3 as many people seem to think. Delay therefore had enough time to chop out the ‘offensive’ portion before sending it to TV3 as many people seem to think. Delay therefore had enough time to chop out the ‘offensive’ portion before sending it to TV3.

The recording engineer said most of the comments he received from people in the entertainment business commended Wanlov for being forthright with his action as Delay had doubted him for a long time.
Panji attacked outspoken radio presenter, Blakk Rasta on the Gh-One television network last week for calling Wanlov ‘cockhead’. The radio presenter, however, indicated that he only expressed his opinion to people who asked for it.

“I was called by sections of the media to comment on Wanlov taking off his skirt and I spoke my mind. Since then, I have had no peace from people linked to Wanlov,” Rasta said.

“I don’t have a problem with Panji but if he has a problem with me for calling his artiste ‘cockhead’, then he should rather talk to his boys because they first started to call me names.” He added

Source: Kofi Duah/Graphic Showbiz