Multi-TV’s 4Kids channel treats kids to Carex Hand Washing Party

On October 13, MultiTV’s 4Kids channel, a network dedicated to providing the best in kiddy programming for children and the youth, collaborated with Carex to commemorate the Global Hand Washing Day in an event dubbed 4Kids Carex Hand Washing Day at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park.

The 7-hour event, sponsored by Carex, Indomie and Kiddifund, was marked by activities including singing and dancing competitions, sack racing, pick and act games, musical chairs and a hand washing competition coordinated by Carex.

Participants of the hand washing competition got an opportunity to wash their hands with Carex products and were guided by Carex representatives on how to wash their hands to promote good hygiene.

The demonstration resulted in a long queue once Indomie announced that it was going to provide free cooked noodles – everyone flocked to the Carex hand basin to wash before eating.

The energy picked up again, after the eating break, when the dance off kicked off and eventually turned into an Azonto competition where each participant tried to outdo the other with the latest Azonto moves.

There were two rounds of musical chairs that left the children high on excitement; the singing competition aspect of the event brought out the star in most of them – some sang while others rapped.

As the competition went on other children played in bouncing castles, got their faces painted and bounced on trampolines.

At the end of the day, most of the children were worn out from all of the exciting activities and left with free products from Carex and Indomie.

From their responses, this initiative by Carex and the 4Kids channel proved to be educative and fun, just as promised.


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