Music video on protecting domestic workers to be launched in Accra

Channels of Blessings Global Ministry a Christian centered training institution’s Advocay group, the ‘Esther Project’ is set to launch the much anticipated music video written by Princess Asie Ocansey of Ghana called: ‘Ratify C189-Protect Domestic Workers Now!’ on October 12, 2012 at the International Conference center in Accra.

The vocals are by international gospel artists John Sena (Ghana-USA) and Niella (Ghana-UK). The music video is a prayer and a cry to Presidents of the nations of the world to ratify C189 and to make sure domestic workers are trained to provide decent work for Domestic workers.

On April 16, Channels of Blessings embarked on a 40 day fast to seek the hand of God to move the nations into the ratification of ILO C189 before June 16, 2012. By April 16, 2012, not one of the member states who agreed to ratify C189 had done so. Ten days into the fasting the first country ratified, and now Philippines has also ratified C189.

A highlight for the day will include the formal inauguration of a new generation of trained Domestic Workers (not housemaids nor maidservants) called the ‘National Domestic Workers Network’-‘NaDom’Network, which will be responsible for advocacy work as well as enrolling all domestic workers nationwide and instituting a Domestic Worker Certification Program, so that licensed Domestic Workers are recognized and to have C189 implemented in each home.

Since the approval of the International Labour Organisation Convention 189 and recommendation 201 for the protection of domestic workers worldwide, on June 16, 2011, only three countries – Uruguay, Philippines and Mauritius – have ratified C189. This was to help provide decent work for domestic workers and particularly protect them from abuse.

Although Domestic Workers work invisibly in homes, they do important jobs which visibly help stabilize families, the economy and therefore nations. Without these services many families could not be earning double incomes.

In this generation, many wives are able to go to work because of a domestic worker at home who takes care of the house, children, clean, wash and cook whiles the parents go to work.

We invite all stakeholders and media houses to heavily support the promotion of C189 and cause President Mahama of Ghana to ratify C189 before elections this year.

Princess Ocansey is calling on all First ladies of Nations to move their husbands to ratify C189 now! Princess Ocansey plans to petition the US Congress to Ratify C189 now!