Nadia Buari & Mum

Ghanaian celebrities seem to have a problem with the media and they are not hiding their frustrations, with ace actress Nadia Buari being the latest to join the complaints wagon.

The beautiful actress, over the weekend, poured out her heart on how she feels about journalists and how they handle her stories when NEWS-ONE attempted to speak with her concerning her latest movie ‘Heroes & Zeroes’.

“You are probably going to twist whatever I’m going to say. Journalists are always waiting for one bad news to sell their papers.

Journalists are not willing to tell the truth. They are only willing to sell their papers.”

The actress however failed to point out a particular instance when she was misquoted or her interview was twisted.

Rather, she said she would not go into details but claimed there instances where a single sentence or comment from her was blown out of proportion.

Actor Majid Michel recently expressed similar frustrations when he met Nigerian journalists during the 2012 AMMAs.

The Nigerian media had reported that American actor Morris Chestnut had passed derogatory comments about the Eko Hotel in Lagos and Majid attempted defending his colleague actor.

“Journalists are always writing stuff, we can’t stop them. Keep writing until the day you die. Write what you want, make your money; bring twenty percent to us if you make the money.

Nothing is wrong here, this is a wonderful hotel. I don’t know what they are writing about the hotel.

They are always writing fake stories, fiction, negative stuff, I don’t know why but be careful,” Majid warned.

Nadia, in her interview with NEWS-ONE, denied media reports that she was taking acting lessons in the United States of America to pave way for her to get into Hollywood.

She said it was not true and if such a thing was happening, she wouldn’t hesitate to let her teeming fans know about it.

“I don’t know where they got the story from,” Nadia noted.

According to the beautiful actress who graduated from the University of Ghana with a degree in Fine Arts, she studied a similar course while in the university.

Therefore even if she would be studying in Hollywood, it would not be acting as circulated by a section of the media.

Nadia’s ‘Heroes and Zeros’ movie is a story of the destructive pursuance of Tonia (Nadia Buari) by Amos Fele (Bimbo Manuel).

Ten years ago, Amos Fele was a wealthy celebrity director in the Nigerian film industry.

Now he lives in a ramshackle flat, doing occasional low-paying TV commercials for nameless products.

He’s a daily comic relief on the local soccer practice pitch; because though he’s already 45 years old, he nurses a new, insane dream of making it into the dollar-soaked world of international soccer!

His joyless marriage to Tinuke (Tina Mba), a junior bank worker, is crumbling fast, especially after the death of their only child.

A boost to his sagging spirit comes when a big-budget French-Nigerian film project appoints him as director.

Suddenly, the press begins to (re)celebrate him. Top actors and producers begin to call him.

To his wife’s distress, Fele also quickly reestablishes his waning reputation as a first-class womanizer.

Fele’s new rise coincides with that of Dibu Ijele (Gabriel Afolayan) as Yellow Journalism’s new enfant terrible. Dibu is a reporter with Naija Scene, a weekly tabloid.

The paper’s new board of directors (led by Olu Jacobs), with its eyes on profit, supports Dibu’s theory that the only way to beat the competition is to scoop and sell dirt about anyone with a famous face or name.

Dibu’s editor, Mr. Ayodele Alisa (Akin Lewis), an urbane fellow, tries to fight him and the board.

Fele becomes obsessed with Tonia, a ravishing beauty and lead actress of the Nigerian-French film project.

Ignoring the warnings of his best friend, Nnamdi (Norbert Young), a psychology professor, Fele pursues his obsession with Tonia to its tragic conclusion: losing his new job, ending his marriage and ending up in a mental hospital.

Unknown to him, Tonia and her sister, Bisola, have something up their sleeves.

The movie will be premiered on June 8 at the Silverbird Cinema in Accra for movie fans to see for themselves.

Nadia promised that if proper and favourable arrangements were made, she would be at the movie’s premiere.

She said she had not been at some of her movie premieres in the past because she was not informed about such premieres.

Nadia said it was an amazing experience working on set of ‘Heroes & Zeroes’ with Olu Jacobs, Tina Mba, Akin Lewis, Funsho Adeolu, Norbert Young, Linda Ejiofor, Gabriel Afolayan, Jude Urhorra, Brigette Cherile and others.