Officer Kwesi Ofori wants to meet Musiga Members

imagesOfficer Kwesi Ofori has appealed to Musiga to introduce their new members to the association. Kwesi Ofori who just joined the fraternity and has raised the concerns for the association to unveil new members to interact with old members and the executives.

In their response from Daddy Bosco the Ex-Administrator of the Association he explained that the membership of the association will be reviewed in February. This review will be based on status of members who are members and those practicing Music full time.

They have a regional meetings and new members get the chance to meet old members. This membership is based on the commitment and payment of dues. The functional number of members in Musiga presently is 2,800. This number is relatively small for a big associated which goes to say that some members are not considered functional.

They have said it’s in the pipeline and will consider it and we hope nothing blocks the things in that pipe for the progress of Musiga. Realistically Ghana has a lot of musicians even the number of gospel musicians in one region alone is more than 2000. Musiga must sit up and work to unite and improve Ghanaian music through our musicians.

Source: AM PLUZZ