Photo: Nigerian billionaire buries his father in a brand new BMW X6 and social media can’t think far

Poverty has and is currently still making the poor get poorer and some eventually turn out ‘mad’. 

Looking at the rise in poverty rate coupled with cries has still fell on deaf ears as the rich and wealthy men rather wish to spend unprofiting and uneccessarily.

A Nigerian man who decided to honour his father by buring him in a brand new BMW X6 which is worth 32million naira which is approximated to GHC418,000 instead of a usual coffin, has caused an amazement on social media with his wonderous act.

The non-thinking rich man identified as, Azubike’s father’s burial took place at Ihiala lga, Mbosi, in Anambra state where the man is believed to have stayed till he died.

Azubike’s action has been seen as a needless one all over social media.