Shan George Blasted By Son

imagesRecently, there has been a serious war between Shan George and the London-based music promotion outfit of his son, Jaga, Babylynn Promotions, over the release of Jaga’s new single, Edo Boy.

The face-off between Shan, a top Nollywood actress, and Babylynn Promotions, seems to be annoying the young man, who is surprised that his mother and his promotion company are fighting over his song.

He expressed this in a chat with Tribune. 

In his words, as published by the newspaper, Jaga said, “I am doing good music, the two ladies, my mom and promoter should be dancing instead of fighting.”

The genesis of the fight started when Shan accused of releasing the new single without informing her as the boy’s manager. 

But responding to the allegation, the company said, “The song wasn’t given to the artiste’s (Jaga) manager before release because “When we released Jaga’s other song ‘Mboro’ two months ago, Shan George gave out the song to too many people before release date, and that affected the monitoring and the progress on the song out there. That is the reason our company decided not to give out the song to anyone before release date.”

Shan has in the past delved into music but she never made it big like she did with acting.