Stars Parade For Ghana Music Awards Nomination Jam In Koftown

623268009_307939If you are not on this historic party train, then prepare for the biggest upset on your 2013 entertainment calendar.

This is the biggest gathering of musicians in GH, mounting the biggest stage ever to be built at the Jackson’s park for the biggest concert in Ghana since the Kwahu Easter Fiesta. The 2013 VGMA NOMINEES JAM.

I cannot even begin to outline the many beautiful reasons you cannot afford to miss this party. Yes, beautiful. That’s one word that immediately glides across the brain like a gondola once that beautiful town, Koforidua is mentioned. With the metaphorical description of the most beautiful girls in Ghana as flowers, the place is unique in several ways. It has one roundabout, until recently had one traffic light, one central library and its youth affectionately call it “Koftown.

Enter this city of beautiful women from any part and you can be sure not to miss the old St George’s Catholic Church standing tall with its two huge crucifixes embossed at the entrance.

Towering high above the city and with a sweet green scenery is the legendary Obuotabiri Mountains. It is believed to be the home of the gods of the town and is inhabited by dwarfs.

In the midst of all this beauty and awe are the good people of Koftown who celebrate the annual ”Akwantu Kesie” festival. So don’t be surprised that the trumpets are blurring louder than the vuvuzelas heard in South Africa during the last World Cup. The choice of venue couldn’t have been more appropriate.

When the party train docks at the Jacksons Park at 6pm on Saturday May 20th, something spectacular will be unleashed. History will be made as R2Bees sing love (odo) to the flowers while telling the story of LIFE to everyone else. VIP will kick AWAY every sadness, pain and sorrow, while Kwaw Kese will be ‘POPPIN’ and ‘DOIN HIS THING’.

Admission to the concert is absolutely free and with E.L on the bill, I doubt you will need more than ‘ONE GHANA FOR YOUR POCKET’ to come dance your head off to ‘KAALU’ and more. But all that can’t happen till we ‘SCREAM’ with Eazzy to the tunes of Kwesi Oteng, Bisa of Azonto Ghost fame, Chris Waddle and a lot more.

This is not one of those concerts you get told of when it’s over. This is one that you experience…memories you can relive everyday till the next jam. But the show has one requirement. Please come on full stomach ready to laugh your head off with Ghana’s funniest comedian yet, Funny Face. Dessert is ‘ALUGUNTUGUI’ and it will be served by Keche.

“Being our very first time in Koftown, we are giving this show our all in all. Patrons should expect the best in technical expertise including sound, lights, screens, stage… simply the best show ever in the history of the East. I can’t describe it cuz you must be there to experience it…”

says Nii Ayite Hammond, Head of productions at Charterhouse and GhOne. So wherever you are in Koftown and beyond, please mark the date, pack a shirt or two and make your way to the New Juabeng district. Specifically to Koftown for the party of your life. The first and biggest array of stars ever to hit Koftown! But just in case you can’t make it to Koftown, no worries. Just stay glued to GhOne entertainment TV in Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi, and now live in Tamale and nationwide on the multi TV digibox.

The14th VGMA Nominees Jam is escalating to the NEXT LEVEL! Saturday 20th April at the Jacksons park. Supported by Star Beer, Gh One Entertainment TV and proudly brought to you by Vodafone.