Top Sports Journalist Sticks Out His Neck For Prez Mahama

One of Ghana’s renowned sports journalists Yaw Ampofo Ankrah has discarded his sports boots and thrown a challenge to critics of President John Dramani Mahama to an open debate.

The Sports ace, who was appointed Editor at TV3 just a few months ago, has put his lucrative post on pause as he campaigns to get Mahama endorsed as President. The move is bound to cause ripples and send shockwaves to the opposition NPP since Ampofo Ankrah is known to be a massive youth crowd puller.

According to the BBC trained broadcaster, ”Enough is enough. Constructive criticism is a part of life and we should all accept it in good faith.

But what we should never accept is character assassination, lies and sheer desperate image smearing just to score cheap political points’’.
The 38 year old claims he first met John Mahama during the President’s maiden term in Parliament over a decade ago and has been inspired by his steady, assured and humble approach to life and success.

“As a victim of orchestrated and wicked lies myself, I know what it feels like ”claims the former Metro tv anchor whose elder brother Elvis Afryie-Ankrah is incidentally President Mahama’s campaign manager.

The sports producer does not see his declaration as a gamble but rather as a natural act of conscience. ” No way is this a gamble. The truth is the truth and that is more than enough motivation for me to come out and make a stand”

Asked if he was not dividing his huge fan base and potentially destroying the reputation he has built over the years, there was a calm response.‘’Seriously most of us profess to believe in God right? Some people also believe in wine, some in drugs and some even worship their cars. So if I choose to believe in God and John Mahama, I see no reason why people should have a problem with that”.

Ampofo Ankrah went further to add that he is ready to engage any man or woman to a decent debate on the integrity of President Mahama.
He cautioned Ghanaians not to judge leaders by the negatives that are written and said about them but rather listen to their inner conscience and look at their achievements too.

“Have we all too soon forgotten the nasty things that were said, written and published about our late President Mills, ? Yet within 24 hours of his death, the same people who lied about him, had the guts to pay tribute to his honesty and integrity”

The eloquent presenter of the new ”Sports Journal” on TV3 concedes that he may come under fierce and orchestrated insults because of his position but insists ”If a man does not stand for what he believes in, he will fall to whatever comes his way”

Ampofo Ankrah has called on all to respect the outcome of December’s elections. ”I am encouraged that so far, President Mahama has declared his commitment to free and fair elections on every platform including his brilliant speech at the United Nations. ‘’I have nothing against Nana Akufo Addo as I am sure he is a good man but at this moment in time, Ghana needs the best man and for me that is John Dramani Mahama’’.

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