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7evenThirty “Where It’s At” (New Video)


7evenThirty “Where It’s At” (New Video)

7evenThirty is vicious. The Jackson, Mississippi MC is aggressive and headstrong. Heaven’s Computer is a concept album that pairs intricate narratives with aggressive content and pounding, extra-terrestrial production. Fans and critics have been pleasantly surprised by 7even’s ability to rip an MC apart while building a new reality to do so in.

Heaven’s Computer has finally landed on wax. To celebrate the newest conquest, 7even and Mello Music Group drop the rugged video for “Where It’s At,” directed by Erick Lee. The raw video features a lean, mean 7evenThirty running up on the proverbial wack MC and giving him a literal version of his verbal threats. Turning into the kind of lyricist that crowns himself a “space gangsta, spittin’ them live rounds out the chariot,” it is clear 7even is not like most.

For those still sleepin’, take this chance to hop on board the mother ship and head into 7evenThirty’s universe. Heaven’s Computer is now available in physical and digital forms, everywhere.


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