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Abdul Salam is ‘Selfish’ – Socrates Sarfo goes offensive

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Abdul Salam is ‘Selfish’ – Socrates Sarfo goes offensive

imagesControversial movie producer Socrates Sarfo has verbally attacked his fellow producer and Chief Executive of Venus Films Production, Abdul Salam, describing the latter as a traitor who is only interested in protecting his business interest.

Abdul Salam, a member of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), defied the Association’s directive to its members to disassociate themselves from Ghana Movie Awards by not submitting their movies for consideration.

Salam however submitted his works and his movies, Bachelors and Sisters At War, got nominations and he was personally present at the ceremony.

Steve Asare Hackman, President of FIPAG, told Peace Fm that a committee was yet to sit on the issue and invite Abdul Salam to find out why he defied the Association’s order before sanctions would be applied.

But Tony Ramesh Lachman, an actor and a spokesman for Venus Films Production, said their production house didn’t receive any official correspondence from FIPAG to stay away from the movie awards.

He added that they had already submitted their movies before he heard about the directive in public and they couldn’t withdraw from the awards.

Though FIPAG’s directive made the headlines in May 2014 before Ghana Movie Awards submissions in September 2014, Tony seemed to have a point for saying he didn’t know about the order until after submission of entries if indeed his company was not officially informed.

However, Socrates Sarfo had his misgivings.

According to him, it was because of Salam’s ‘selfish’ interest that he decided to take part in the awards ceremony.

“…the whole industry decided to advice ourselves to stay away from the Ghana Movie Awards. Now, you, one individual, you feel that once you stand to benefit something to promote your business, you selfishly promoting your business, so the whole of the industry can go to hell. If that is what we feel should be supported, fine,” he said on Peace Fm last Saturday.

This is not the first time Socrates has had issues with Salam. Years ago, both personalities had issues over Socrates Sarfo’s comment that movie premiere was waste of time and money. Socrates was also not too happy with Salam after he decided to work with Yvonne Nelson immediately after FIPAG sidelined the beautiful actress some years ago.


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