Abeiku Santana goes virtual

Abeiku Santana goes virtual

Gilbert Aggrey Abeiku Santana, celebrated radio presenter and host of ‘Ekwanso Dwodwo’ on Okay FM has been assigned a virtual studio which will provide his numerous audience extended versions of his on-air programmes and other exciting new ones.

Currently, Abeiku’s ‘Ekwanso Dwodwo’ evening show has earned the largest radio audience in the capital city, especially with its newly-introduced segment, ‘People’s Court’.

A segment of the programme that is the talk of town is the gossip segment known as “Akikakika” through which secrets are revealed and issues of national concern are raised using insinuations. This segment is well recognised as a source of information when it comes to gossips about celebrities, politicians and public figures.

With this virtual studio, Abeiku Santana will have time to reveal more secrets and interact with his audience raising issues of national concern.

Loyal listeners of Abeiku Santana can now follow him virtually irrespective of their geographic location through this platform.

“The Abeiku Santana Show” comes up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 7pm to 8pm. To listen and contribute, dial 0242427616 on the assigned days and time.

The programme commences today, Monday, June 25, 2012 at 7pm.




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