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Accra Mall Bans Sex In Their Toilet!


Accra Mall Bans Sex In Their Toilet!

811230807_138674The management of the Accra Mall has decided to prosecute all offenders who come to their toilet to wash their kitchen items, change their clothes, buy & sell (only God knows what they are buying and selling), stand on the toilet bowl, brush their teeth, smoke and wait for this…have SEX.

Call this the seven (7) laws of the Accra Mall’s management and you will not be wrong.

Come to think of it, where there is no law, there is no crime and where there is no crime, there is no punishment therefore that could explain the recent position of the management.

It means that if that the law has always been there from the beginning it would have restrained people’s actions and hence no need for this development.

It may be funny but what attracted us to the piece was that of all places in the world, people can actually choose the toilet as their pampampam ground-at least it’s written as the sixth law there.

Can we say that those involved who are already in a relationship just want to experience another atmosphere? After all, a romantic date at the mall could end up in adventure, possibly we cannot rule out any option here, anything can happen.

It may be funny, but we must understand that sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; instead they require maturity to outgrow them.

Source: Chuks

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