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Actress in sex scandal


Actress in sex scandal

If each Ghanaian man decides stick to monogamy, several Ghanaian females would have no and that may explain why beautiful actress Khareema Aguira is said to have drugged a guy, seduced him and enjoyed several rounds of sex with him until he became weak and could no longer sustain an erection.

Reports say Khareema has been in love with the guy for some time now and has openly threatened to teach him a few lessons. Sources close to her told News- that one of her favorite warnings to the guy has been: “, I will f**k you one day paa.”“And true to her , she recently went out with the guy and when they got to her apartment, she put some Spanish Fly in his drink; it made him start to feel for sex and she showed him some moves that he could not resist … they got into bed and she indeed taught him a few lessons”, News-One was told.

When the paper contacted Khareema over the issue, she admitted something happened between her and the guy on the said night but denied she raped him. “Oh God, they say I am now a rapist. Why, this time we can't even have sex. What is the big deal? “I am kind of a crazy person and many of my friends know that about me. If I like somebody, I go in for the person, isn't it? Do I have to go and be praying for the person to come to me? What if the person doesn't come? I am a lady, I am not married and things will definitely happen. I mean things have gone on and on. If you like somebody, you go for the person. But I didn't rape anybody.”

According to her, she would not deny that they had sex but it was not rape. “I won't sit here and blatantly deny the fact that nothing happened but it was not rape as they claimed. should say what they want about me, but I did not rape any one.

“Ok if I raped anybody, why didn't he come out to complain?” she told News-One on Wednesday.

Khareema is remembered for her sterling performance in Shirley, Frimpong-Manso's ‘Checkmate,' though she has several other productions to her credit. Her alleged marriage with a Nigerian tycoon hit the rocks after her first baby. The reasons are yet to come out.

Until this rape issues, her love life had always been under wraps. Yesterday, she was expected to fly out of Ghana to Nigeria to hold discussions about an impending job in Nollywood. It is not clear if she will use the opportunity to see her alleged ex-.

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