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Agya Koo goes bonkers

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Agya Koo goes bonkers

Ghanaian comic Adu, also known as Agya Koo, is still wondering Ghana Black Stars top striker and Sunderland soccer star turned rapper, Asamoah ‘' Gyan, was chosen over him as the Most Popular Entertainer of Ghana 2010, because he believes he is much more popular than the , especially, in the hinterlands.

On the night of the event, a peacefmonline reporter spotted Agya Koo, who was dressed in an all-white outfit, angrily walking out of the venue with his beautiful in tow when Asamoah Gyan's name was mentioned as the ultimate winner.

Speaking on Peace FM News after the event, Agya Koo stated that if the organisers of the Most Popular Entertainer of Ghana (MPEG) Honours claim Asamoah Gyan was more popular than him, then ‘they do know what they are on about.'

‘All those who were honoured are popular in their own right, and have contributed in way or the other their quota to national development in their respective fields. But, to say that the Most Popular Entertainer in Ghana is anybody else other than Agya Koo, then I don't know what they mean, because every week Agya Koo's movies are released on the market, and every household is entertained by my movies. For me, I see it as one of those awards where I was called to an award, but not the main one,' Agya bemoaned.

He added that even some members of the MPEG College were surprised he was not decorated with the ultimate prize on the nite, but they advised him to take it in his stride.

‘I am happy for my brother Asamoah Gyan for winning the top honour. I like what he is doing, because if I had won, someone else would also have been happy for me. We are all doing our bit to develop the nation, but if we are talking about who pulls the crowd, we should look at it well.

I think if they really want to know who is a crowd puller; they should go from market to market, house to house, and find out from people. That is how they can truly determine who the most popular entertainer is. If they honour someone because they like them, or because the person is their relative or their friend, there will always be wrong judgmentally,' he added.

Agya Koo said he had no idea how the Most Popular Entertainer was determined, because the organisers did not tell him it was based on votes.

‘If it was based on public voting, then I think it should have been done like they do in national elections. They should have allowed people to vote from region to region, and collate everything in Accra. They can't just sit in Accra and determine the most popular entertainer in the whole Ghana.'

A total of ten personalities including Agya Koo were honoured at the National Theater last Saturday, March 19, 2011 during the maiden edition of the MPEG Honours. Asamoah Gyan was honoured as the Most Entertaining Football Personality, Joseph Agbeko (Most Entertaining Boxing Personality), Kofi Adu (Agya Koo) (Most Entertaining Film Acting Personality), Andrew Adote (Most Entertaining Stage Acting Personality) and Funny Face (Most Entertaining Comedy Personality).

Others are (Most Entertaining Music Personality), Anamoah (Most Entertaining TV Broadcast Personality), Fiifi Banson (Most Entertaining Radio Broadcast Personality, Accra), Kwame Adinkra (Most Entertaining Radio Broadcast Personality, Kumasi) and Nana Otu Gyandoh (Most Entertaining Radio Broadcast Personality, Takoradi).

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