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Ajoss:I am Still Fashionable


Ajoss:I am Still Fashionable

Ever since he joined Akan Drama, a television drama series, in the 70’s Ajoss has been known for dressing rather differently and he has not changed one bit. “I’ve been very fashionable all these years and I don’t see why I should go for anything else”, he told Showbiz.

According to Ajoss, aka Kingsley Kofi Kyeremanteng, he feels very uncomfortable when he dresses normally like everyone.

“Sometime ago, I tried dressing normal but I felt I wasn’t complete so I had to go back to the style I am comfortable with,” he said.

The 56-year old said that his dressing makes him feel he’s on top of the world and the more people talk about it, the more it makes him feel his dressing is making an impact.

Asked what he does with his old clothes, Ajoss said because his clothes are normally sized big, he takes them apart and makes new clothes out of them for his kids. “I have countless of such clothes I wear to places like church, funerals, parties and special events and anytime I feel they are old, I call my children and make new clothes out of it for them”

Ajoss who has featured in movies such as Double Jump, You Can’t Laugh, Ahomasuo ɛnyɛ describes his designer as the best in the world.

According to him “My designer, Toffic at New Town is one of the best in the world. He has clothed me for 40 years with different styles and makes me look good all the time. He knows what I want and never delays when I request for something new from him”.

Married to Comfort Gyasiwaa with four children, Ajoss would like his kids to dress like him. But even though his kids have chosen to dress differently, he is cool with it since they don’t complain about his dressing but admire it all the time.

Ajoss who has been missing in entertainment action for some time now, acts as host (M.C) for events and also sings at functions. He has plans to go into the movie industry.

It is his hope that movie producers would approach him for roles in movies because he believes he is a versatile actor who can fit into both English and Twi speaking movies.

On Akan Drama, Ajoss said it is his wish that something could be done to revive it. “Akan Drama used to be one of the best programmes on TV and it is unfortunate that patronage has gone down” Ajoss reminisced.

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