Babysitter who beat up toddler in viral video charged with attempted murder

imagesThe nanny seen beating a two-year-old toddler to pulp in a viral video has been charged with attempted murder by Ugandan authorities.

Video of the disturbing assault went viral this week, showing a nanny who flew into a rage after the toddler she was watching vomited on a couch.

The sitter had been force-feeding the girl, and struck the toddler in the face when she refused to eat. Sometime later, with an edit in the video concealing just how much time elapsed, the toddler began swaying and then leaned forward to throw up.

The babysitter then flew into a rage, slamming the toddler to the ground and beating the child. The babysitter also stepped on the child with her full weight and then kicked the girl in the head.

The video was posted to a number of sites and shared on Reddit, where some reports circulated that the girl had died. None of the sites had background on where or when the incident took place, or any word on the condition of the girl.

But Nehanda Radio tracked down the incident, which reportedly took place in Uganda. The babysitter was identified as Jolly Tumuhiirwea, 22-year-old. The girl’s father, who Nehana Radio identified as Erick Kamanzi, is allegedly the one who put the video online.

The report claims that Kamanzi returned home last Saturday to find bruises on the baby. After reviewing the video, he allegedly attacked the babysitter.

What he saw is what we have relayed above and uploaded on the video herein. Raged to the marrow, Kamanzi bounced on Tumuhiirwe and clobbered her to pulp. Done with it, he turned to tend to the baby as Tumuhiirwe ran to police where, she reported an assault case against her Master Kamanzi.

The Kiwatule police swung into action, raided Kamanzi’s home and arrested him. He promptly confessed to the charge before he was dragged to cells. After cooling down, Kamanzi asked the Cops to look at what made him clobber the maid. A mere look at the video changed the cops’ stance and released Kamanzi.

The babysitter caught on video brutally beating the toddler has been charged with torture, but police later upgraded it to attempted murder.

The toddler, meanwhile, survived the incident and is expected to recover.


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