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Between My Job & My Lover, It Will Be My Job – Actress


Between My Job & My Lover, It Will Be My Job – Actress

485024225_433632In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz, popular Ghanaian actor John Dumelo revealed how the women he’d dated had asked him to stop acting because they couldn’t stand seeing him play romantic roles. Like him, many actors always get to the point when they have to choose between their acting career and a partner.

Perhaps not too many of these partners can cope with the kissing and caressing that comes with acting or they simply can’t bear to watch their partners play Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas as in the film

‘Basic Instinct’. Charming actress Vicky Zugah has disclosed that she would make the ultimate sacrifice if it ever came to that point.

In an interview with me, the bubbly actress who’s also a cosmetologist revealed that she’d been in a couple of relationships that demanded her to choose between her partner and her acting career. She ultimately chose acting over love.

“I’ve always said I’d choose my job over men because men like independent women. So if this was my career before you met me, then you should be able to trust and understand what I do. If you’re in my life and you’re asking me to stop what I’m doing because you want me in your life or you want me to be your wife, then it’s not going to work. If you can’t trust me as an actress, you won’t be able to trust me as a doctor or lawyer”, she said.

When asked whether actors had particularly difficult time in relationships, the ‘Tears of Womanhood’ actress was definite in her response saying “We do! It’s very difficult because we play roles, we kiss, we caress…we do all sorts of things and you sit back with your partner and watch. How’re you going to convince him that you did that in the presence of other people on set and not the two of you?

“The guy is not into acting and so doesn’t know what it entails”. She said that although the kisses are real, there is no emotional attachment and that it is just business. Vicky continued that “the gynaecologist, examines many women but how many of them does he sleep with? We kiss the guys, they kiss us…we touch them, they touch us but all that ends on the movie set.”

As one who was rumoured to be pregnant for a television personality, sometime ago, Vicky has had her fair share of publicity in the entertainment media. When I revisited the issue during our interview, the actress said “I’m very very not pregnant. I haven’t been pregnant for like 9 years. I’ve got a child and haven’t been pregnant since then…some people said I was pregnant and I aborted, but it’s not true”.

When I asked how she reacted to the rumour, she said “personally, I’ve come to accept some of these things…they come with the job and the career I’ve chosen. Frankly, I don’t mind those rumours anymore but my concern is the people around me. Maybe if I had a guy at the time, l’m imagining how he was going to take it. So I try to explain to the people who matter to me”.

Many people, who know Vicky well, would have noticed the tattoos she wears. When I asked whether her tattoos had a story, the lively actress beamed with a smile, giggled and said “there’s no story behind my tattoo. I just love tattoos. I did cosmetology and tattoo was a part of the course. So there’s no ‘show-story’ to my tattoo”.

Some movie observers have suggested that the tattoos she wears cause her to be cast for the bad-girl-type roles. Responding to this critique, the tattoo-wearing actress disclosed “I’ve had a director telling me to take it easy on the tattoos because I may be cast one day to play an orphan, a roman sister or a house wife. But I told him that we have concealers. Makeup is designed to cover blemishes on the body and tattoo is one of them.

Stardom has a way of making some actors forget their beginnings but Vicky disclosed, “I’m very down-to-earth. People who knew me before I started acting would confirm that I haven’t changed one bit.

Some people are not able to keep the same friends they had before they became public figures, but I believe I’m very good at keeping people and maintaining friendships. I don’t let stardom create a gap between me and my friends.”

“I always tell myself that I’m the one on TV today and they’re not. I don’t know what tomorrow may bring…tomorrow it may be them on TV and me off TV because I can’t be on TV for the rest of my life. Would I be comfortable if someone didn’t treat me fairly because I’m not on TV?”

Fame comes with a price tag and most actors can hardly escape this reality. Describing her price-of-fame moment, the actress disclosed “I’ve had people not liking me because of a particular role I’ve played in a movie.

They approach me and start calling me ‘ashawo’ (prostitute) You approach them and try to explain to them that it’s not you, but what you’ve been directed to do, most of them don’t accept this explanation.

They feel once you’ve been able to portray that role so well; you must be that kind of person. To them, there’s no smoke without fire.”

Looking on the brighter side of life, actress Vicky Zugah revealed that she was making arrangements to launch her foundation, “Vicky Zugah Foundation”, that would aim at raising funds for needy children or adolescents below 15 years who have illnesses that require surgery.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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