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Chemphe Dedicates “Trinity” Song To Nigerians


Chemphe Dedicates “Trinity” Song To Nigerians

Chemphe is Ghana's best R n B pan African artiste with numerous awards different platforms. He launched his inspirational album in Norway in 2011 and came back into country with a big hit number one which features his label mate Dr Cryme.

The is currently having a good airplay with Channel 0 and is poised to be one of the biggest classy songs to have emerged from the country.

Chemphe has been very instrumental with social issues right from the beginning of his career, preaching against violence against women, unity and more. He is YMCAs Ambassador for poverty Eradication and is embarking on various social projects around the world.

The Trinity song which composed two years ago as sound track reflects 's current position he mentioned. He emphasized that the riots in Nigeria will affect the socio-economic developed and recommended dialogue as the best way to solve the issues.

Chemphe's new single, number 1 is Western region's best song on the charts and is doing considerably well on various charts around the world. He is poised to release his next his single which features 4×4 in February 2012 with one of the biggest release parties to hit Accra. He
is also set to release “Titi” as the official valentine song on February 1st. 2012 is poised to be Chemphe's biggest year in his music career due to good plan formulation and implementation by his E-Jam record label.

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