Delay fights Afia Schwarzenegger

Delay fights Afia Schwarzenegger

imagesClearly, the last of the longstanding tiff between female celebrities, Afia Schwarzenegger and Deloris Frimpong Manso is yet to be seen after another salvo was fired from one of the camps.

The feud between the two famous personalities has been ongoing for some years with jabs being directed at each other, whether subtle or subliminal.

In a subtle response to the latest jab by Afia, where the Kasapa 102.3FM presenter called out her industry adversary over an interview she granted actress, Vivian Jill – Delay did the unusual.

After an interview with the actress on the Delay Show, Afia posted the below text on her social media platform; “I just read somewhere that some kumawood chick bi dey claim say in poppy dey Dublin inside London…Eish! !!! But no be dat one self way collapse me…The presenter sat thru with no reaction…dat mean say she too kolo pass the kumawood chick…cos if she knows she would have reacted quicker than petrol plus fire……Chaiiiiiii some presenters need quality education or Google map… Ma da koraaa..reading their obituary..smh!!!”.

As expected, many listeners of Delay mid-morning show on Oman 107.1 on Monday, looked out for a reaction but did not get the explosive response they anticipated, as done previously.

This time, Delay quoted the Bible as she responded subtly to the ‘diss’ saying, “In the past, I would have responded heavily, but I am a changed person. I will respond with Galatians 7:22.”

She went on to state how her new found belief in Christ has changed her and her reaction to certain issues.

“If you give yourself to Christ, you are highly restricted. You cannot do things you want to do. If you put yourself on Christ, you are saved.”

She remained resolute in her decision not to respond directly to the issue or to her antagonist, stating, “The Christianity I am into is not the one I would say, I’m putting Christ aside to deal with the situation, No, If I give all to Christ, I give it all up.”


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