Ebo Whyte thrills with Everyone has a Secret

Ebo Whyte thrills with Everyone has a Secret

Renowned playwright and director, Ebo Whyte has once again demonstrated why his plays are the most sought after in the industry to today.

For the thousands of patrons who found their way into the National Theatre over the weekend for Ebo Whyte’s Everybody has a secret, they truly got served with a rib-cracking, entertaining and a thought-provoking plot that has become characteristic of Roverman Productions.

The play’s 7-man crew thrilled audience for the entire two hours the play lasted.

What was supposed to be a happy reunion between 7 friends nearly turned sour when one of them, Atta who felt betrayed by his long cherished friends opened the Pandora’s Box to the displeasure of his friends.

Atta, an astute detective, got into trouble with the law and turns to his cherished friends, only to overhear them badmouthing him. Feeling disappointed, Atta who all along had kept secrets of his friends decides to voice them to the chagrin of his friends.

Atta starts off by disclosing the real facts of Bonsu’s motor accident to his wife, Yaa. Unknown to Yaa, Bonsu was on his way to see his girlfriend when the accident occurred. Through the help of Atta, Bonsu had managed to conceal the actual details; Atta feeling betrayed by a friend he once helped, decides to even the score. This revelation, nearly cost Bonsu his marriage.

Just as Yaa thought she had found a good reason to ditch Bonsu, Atta reveals the details of how Yaa had secretly flown to London to have an affair with the man of her dreams. The revelations really jolted the couple but all was well again after some persuasions from their friend, Revo, whose house was the venue of the reunion.

Atta’s revelations pushed Mawuli into confessing to his wife, Esinam that he was the one who had impregnated their former house help. Esinam does not take this lightly. And when Atta disclosed that their various marriages have been declared null and void, because the officiating minister was an imposter, Esinam thought that was the perfect opportunity to ditch her cheating husband; as Yaa also wanted to ditch Bonsu for her secret lover who now resides in Canada.

Atta himself had problems of his own having abandoned his wife-to-be, Alice on their wedding day. It was this grudge that Alice had also had with Atta over the years.

But after all the drama, the families were able to go over the startling revelations, renewed their marriage vows and got back together happily.

Some of the patrons Myjoyonline.com spoke to after the show lauded the play particularly the plot and the characteristic humuor it came with.

It was a show packed with humour and a must see play for all. Thankfully, the play comes on again on December 22 as part of the Roverman Festival of Plays which spans from December 22 – January 2, 2013.

The plays billed are; Caught in the Act, 29th December; Trials of the Ghanaian, 30th December; Don’t Mess with a Woman, 1 January, 2013 and Different Shades of Women, 2 January.

You can get to watch the pack at a price of Ghc150 or grab a single ticket for Ghc40.


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