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EL: Awards Not My Focus


EL: Awards Not My Focus

Ghanaian rapper, singer and producer EL has expressed appreciation to his fans who voted for him in three categories at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs), but has urged them not to be perturbed that he did not win any award out of the three.

In an exclusive with NEWS-ONE, EL said though he appreciated the nominations, the priority of his music career was not to win awards but to satisfy his fans all over the world and do the type of music that would be accepted in Ghana and on the international music scene.

EL was nominated for the categories of Best Collaboration of the Year for the song ‘You Go Kill Me’ with Sarkodie, Best New Artiste of the Year and Best Rapper of the Year.

During the awards last Saturday, when TV and radio presenters Jeremy and Jay Foli were called to present the award for the Best New Artiste of the Year, the crowd started chanting EL’s name in anticipation that it would go to him: The room however went somewhat silent when the award went to Stay Jay.

NEWS-ONE asked EL how he felt about that particular category.

“That moment was the best feeling for me when I heard the crowd chanting my name. They were chanting my name because they expected me to win and I was happy that my works have been accepted. But I took it in good faith because it was not my award and they gave it to who they wanted to give it to.

“I am not surprised about the whole thing because I have a way of accepting things and putting them in the best perspective. If it is a sign that I have to work harder, then that is what I must do,” EL explained.

EL’s collaboration with Sarkodie, ‘You Go Kill Me’, emerged as the Most Popular Song of the year, yet that song did not win collaboration of the year. Though the song was produced by EL and he did the rap with Sarkodie, his name was conspicuously absent from that category.

Europe Tour, HHP & Caabo Snoop
The artiste confirmed to NEWS-ONE that he had a tour this May and that he would be performing in Germany, Amsterdam, London as well as Singapore. He revealed that very serious rehearsals were underway for the tour.

EL is currently collaborating with South African rap giant HHP and Angola’s Caabo Snoop. “I produced a song for HHP and Samini and after the show, Samini called and brought Snoop on. We did a feel good song together and I am sure the whole of Africa would be happy about that production”.

VGMA Performance
EL, during his performance at the VGMA in the early hours of Sunday morning, left the audience when it seemed to be enjoying him most and he explained to NEWS-ONE what happened.

“I was asked to so a single song. That was what the organizers gave me but I managed to squeeze two songs within that limited time. If I had my way, I would have gone on until the audience got satisfied but it was not my show and there was nothing I could doo about it.

“The music I do, I do them for my fans. It is about them and I try to appeal to their hearts, minds and emotions as I entertain them. It has always been 90% concentration on my fans and just 10% for me. It’s all about them.”

Watch EL’s video below:


Source: News One

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