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Eve ready to release first album in 11 years


Eve ready to release first album in 11 years

584121129_580132Rapper Eve is preparing to release her first album in 11 years this May.

The Rich Girl hitmaker began working on the follow-up to 2002’s Eve-Olution in 2007, but a string of legal issues with executives at Interscope Records forced her to shelve plans to unveil the then-titled Here I Am later that year.

The project has since been completely reworked and renamed Lip Lock, and now Eve is set to release her new material on 13 May on her own label, From the Ribs Music.

She tells, “It’s not the same record. I just kept the same name. It took a minute to get out of the situation that I was in back then. That’s what took so long.”

Eve reveals the positive feedback from her comeback track She Bad Bad, which was released late last year, gave her ego a big boost and now she can’t wait for fans to hear her new songs, including a collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

She says, “It (the response) blew me away. It makes me feel like people definitely did miss me and they want to hear some more…

“There are so many great tracks on the album. Call Eve is one of my favourites. I’m obsessed with it! Mom in the Kitchen is the one with Snoop on it. I love that!”


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