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Fella Makafui pregnant? Fans react


Fella Makafui pregnant? Fans react


There have been controversies and rumours surrounding the relationship between Fella Makafui and rapper Medikal.

Some of them have been huge with cheating scandals but it seems the biggest of them is yet to come.

An Instagram post by Fella Makafui has sent rumours of pregnancy flying around social media and blogs.

The young actress’ post read: “There is no better feeling than the movement of life inside of you ..?.

Many followers after reading the post, started congratulating Fella assuming she was pregnant.

Some people interpreted the phrase “movement of life inside of you” to mean Fella Makafui is carrying Medikal’s baby (another life).

@Smelldelicious_gh wrote, “Congrats we can’t wait to meet baby Fella.”

“We just can’t wait to see Jr. Medikal, hope it is a handsome baby boy so he will be called Surgery. Lol, Fella, you do all ????,” user @Fsryno wrote.

@Stylish_nharmarh_adowah_ciara was just stunned. She wrote “Wow,”

“Wow, baby. Congratulations lobe… I pray it’s a baby girl ???,” cy_collections wrote.

Others were just confused.

@Heiressjacinta wrote, “Are you Pregnant? Which life is moving inside of you? Tell us now.”

Another user @Laurah_K wrote, ”Am I going to be an aunt or what? ???”

For @Luminatravelandtours this was not a moment to celebrate, “Love dey sweet this small girl. What happens when he leaves you ???.”

However, @Super_blessed1 did not think Fella Makafui used those words because she is pregnant.

He wrote, “must she be pregnant because of her statement? What she meant was as a human being she still has life inside of her as in she can still enjoy herself.”

@Vikkipartey was going by saying ‘you cannot hide pregnancy’ and was willing to wait patiently and find out the truth.

“Nothing hides forever. No long questions asked, we will wait? when it’s time we will know @Fella Makafui,” she wrote.

Medikal replied the post with three heart emoji’s which some fans are interpreting as his way of saying he is overcome with joy.

Could fella be pregnant? Or she is happily going through a life-changing phase?

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