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Female Lawyer Shares Her Divorce Stigma After She Left An Abusive Marriage.


Female Lawyer Shares Her Divorce Stigma After She Left An Abusive Marriage.


The internet has been bombarded with news of Ghanaian pastor and his wife based in US and how the man – Sylvestre Ofori shot his wife – Barbara to death because of divorce scare.

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Reacting to this, a 23-year-old Amina Ameera Modibbo who battled with divorce stigma and survived domestic violence has shared her story.

Despite the incessant ridicules and humiliation by some family members, who thought she would end up “useless and sleep around”, she went back to school, completed her LLB. Few days ago, she was called to the Nigerian Bar and is engaged to an amazing man.

Taking to Instagram to share her inspiring story, Ameera revealed that she got married three years ago at 20 when all she had was an incomplete degree and a supportive mother.

Read her full story below:

Hello, My name is Amina Ameera Modibbo and this is my story.
3 years ago if you’d tell me that I’d be called to the Nigerian Bar I’d definitely think you’re crazy or something but here we are Alhamdulillah.
I got married at the age of 20 when all i had was an incomplete law degree and my mom. I was ridiculed and humiliated for being a by my closest family and the people I didn’t even know.
My family members thought I’d be useless and sleep around all my life coz that’s what they thought all divorced women do and that got to me.
At first i wanted to give up, thinking all they said to me was going to be true, but i decided to prove them all wrong. I went back to school, got my LLB completed and went to law school. I cried my heart out and prayed to god to never let my enemies laugh at me and my mom and here we are with an LL.B and a B.L, and an amazing Fiance?. Who would’ve ever thought?

Stop shaming divorced women coz it could be your sister, daughter, niece, aunt or even your mom. No body knows what they’re destined to go through, so pray for Allah to make yours easy on you.
For divorcee?s; no body should stop you from achieving your dreams – forget about your past and pray to God for a better future.

What do you make of this?

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C. A. Asante

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