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Ghana Actors Guild President’s Alleged “VISA Connections” To Be Exposed!


Ghana Actors Guild President’s Alleged “VISA Connections” To Be Exposed!

118204016_685218Rumors’ gathered around and concerning the president of the Ghana Actors Guild has it that, he is also into alleged VISA ‘connections.’

Fresh rumor I’ve gathered has it that Odoi Mensah, the president of the Ghana Actors Guild is not just occupying the actors guild as a “visionless” president but also allegedly acts as a consulate who gives VISA to people; especially, some members of the guild for fees. From the rumor, Mr. Odoi collects passports from his clients and succeeds in getting VISAs for them.

He charges huge fees depending on the client’s personality and eagerness. I am glad the close source has started gathering facts for publication. I am also glad the source is ready to furnish us with contact numbers of some people Mr. Odoi failed in getting VISAs for, but they paid him his full charge.

Could this be one of the reasons why Mr. Odoi is still occupying the actors’ guild like a daemon; refusing for elections to be organized for him to be ejected? May be I now understand why the actors’ guild is not popular and well respected yet Atta Odoi feels comfortable heading it as the president; after all, he is enjoying with his position. Any honorable man would have resigned by now from such a guild which is always under media and public upbraids.

We all recall Agya Koo was lately caught in the same act and had to cough out monies to his victims amidst public disappointment in him. A lot of people in this industry knew about Agya Koo’s VISA ‘connections’ but were waiting for his cup to be full. Finally, his cup filled to the brim and all his furtive deeds came to light.

That is certainly what will happen if Odoi Mensah is finally exposed. A lot of people in this same industry know Mr. Odoi Mensah is into this alleged VISA ‘connection’ but have kept quite over it. This is no news to those people. Odoi Mensah, I have my eyes on you. I shall expose you soon. Until then…..MOTWUM!!

Source: Osarfo Anthony/ Flex
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